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‘De glans van de loutere schijn’ (duration film 22 min.) is a silent film about an entrepreneur in funeral services.

The film screening was at a Vietnamese spring roll stall at the parking lot of AH XL (photo left) at dawn (6 a.m.) during ’24×24′ (an art project initiated by Liza Voetman and Eef Schoolmeesters) in Tilburg on the 21th of August 2020. Full movie on Vimeo:

Below some color studies of self portraits as a dead artist (zelfportretten als dode kunstenaar met een wassen neus). And photo’s of the presentation at NS16 in 2019.

Below you’ll see two video-stills from the dialogue in A Critic and a Dead Artist. They’re having a break, shooting some mandarins, having a chat. Duration 3.25 min.

Below some of my drawings. They’re (most of them) odes to the musicians named in the titles.

I made some other drawings during an artist weekend at Viervaart in Groede. You can see them real life at their exhibition space.
For more information see: 

A few drawings to get an impression, I will soon add pictures of the whole presentation.

Work on canvas/wall

Het linker glas is gevuld met ‘gewijde’ rode wijn. Het rechter glas met gewone rode wijn. De titel All the Heavens You Make is (vrij) ontleend aan een nummer van My Morning Jacket,I needed it most, album: At Dawn (2001). Afmeting 120×100 cm

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