Current teaching

  • De Rusteloze Jager. In september 2022 I created a platform for Philosophy, Art and Yoga: De Rusteloze Jager! It’s main focus is on how aesthetic judgement plays a major role in the phenomenological ways we ascribe meaning to what we do (to act= to judge= to understand, according to Hannah Arendt, and I agree with her).
  • Fontys School of Fine- and Performing Arts, Rockacademie, lecturer Identity and Identification.

Fine Arts at AKV|St.Joost (BA 2005), Minor in Philosophy (2007), Fine Arts at The Sandberg Institute (MFA 2009), Philosophy Tilburg University (MA 2012), Summerschool on Hamlet by Simon Critchley (2012), Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs Fontys/Basis Kwalificatie Examineren (BKO/BKE 2015), Course in writing a short story Schrijversvakschool (2019), All round Yoga Teacher (Yoga centrum Tilburg 2022), Socratic Moderator (ISVW 2023).

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